Pull Up Mate Review

The gyms are still closed and if you don’t want your door frames ruined by a pull up bar a stand alone pull up bar might be what you need. 

Disclaimer: I was given a pull up mate in return for an honest review. Here it is: 

Postage and Packaging

My pull up mate arrived quickly and very well packaged. No issues here at all. 

Extra bonus: It comes with a nice storage/travel back which seems to be good quality. 

Setting up my Pull Up Mate

It’s a very simple system so didn’t take long at all. The instructions were clear but I felt a couple of images would have made it even clearer. To be fair there is a video on their website so I could have just looked at that. 

The clamp system works well and you can put together the whole thing in a couple of minutes. 

I am keeping mine up at all times as I know I wouldn’t put it back up once stored away. I am inherently lazy (or maybe just like any other human being) and only do things when they are easy. So it’s staying up. You do need a bit of spare space if this is what you are planning to do as the base of it is 117cm x 113cm. 

Using my Pull Up Mate

At first, it seemed a little wobbly but I got used to that and it’s not an issue at all. It’s obviously not as sturdy as a piece of professional gym equipment but it feels safe and it’s fun to use. 

I am loving doing some pull-ups again. It’s been a while as I am still recovering from a shoulder injury. I am having to take it easy but I am loving The Pull Up Mate so far!

You can turn it on its side and use it for other exercises too like rows, dips, leg raises and knees raises.

My kids are using it every time they walk past, we’ve put some pull up bands on it to make it easier for them. The oldest has set herself a goal of being able to do 7 pull-ups by the end of the year. You go, girl!


All in all a great product with very friendly and professional service. 

A great addition to any of your bodyweight workouts since it’s rather hard to perform an upper-body pull without equipment! 

The pull up mate is particularly useful just now that the gyms are closed but a great piece of kit anytime.

If you have the space. You could even take it out in the garden. If you’re happy to pack it away after each use. 

Go to pullupmate.co.uk to order yours.