fitandhappy FAQs  

Take a moment to explore the information below, and if your question isn't addressed here, feel free to reach out to our friendly team for further assistance at [email protected]

General FAQs

  • Is there a minimum age?

    The minimum age for personal training, boot camp, fitandhappy L.I.F.E. and our running groups is 15.
    The minimum age for our self defence workshops is 12.

  • I have a medical condition, can I still join?

    Yes, we’re used to adapting exercises and making them work for various injuries and medical conditions. If you have a health condition you will need to speak to your GP before attending a fitandhappy class.

  • What should I wear to a class

    Just wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in. Leggings and a sports top are perfect. Layers are usually a good idea, you never know what the Scottish weather will bring.
    Wear a pair of outdoor trainers with good grip. Trail running shoes are ideal but don’t worry if you don’t have those. Just come along in your normal trainers!

  • Am I too old to participate?

    Absolutely not! We have women from their 20s to late 60s attend boot camp and women in their 40s to late 70s attend fitandhappy L.I.F.E. If you are able to run and jump, boot camp is the right choice but if you prefer to stick to low impact, fitandhappy L.I.F.E. is the way to go.
    Our personal training clients range from late teens to 80s!

  • Does coaching only happen at a park?

    Our women-only group classes in Edinburgh are all held in the great outdoors. In the park, you get to work out, chat and connect with nature for an extra boost to your wellbeing.
    For one-on-one coaching, our mobile personal trainers will meet you online, at home or outdoors in Edinburgh.
    If you live further afield, don't worry. You can still work with us through live online personal training from anywhere in the world.

  • Do I get a discount if I do both PT and group classes?

    Yes all our PT clients receive a 15% discount for our group fitness classes and self-defence workshops.

  • What is a fitandhappy boot camp?

    It’s an outdoor exercise class for women - it’s as simple as that. A fitandhappy boot camp does not involve shouting, being pushed beyond your limits or crawling around in the mud. We’re a very friendly and supportive bunch of women and welcome all ages, body shapes and fitness levels with open arms. We’ve been looking for an alternative word as we know ‘boot camp' can sound a bit off-putting and we really are not in the least scary! So if you’ve got any suggestions email [email protected].

  • What does fitandhappy L.I.F.E. stand for?

    L.I.F.E. stands for Low Impact Fun Exercise and it’s our group personal training aimed at women aged 55+. However, anybody who can’t or doesn’t want to do high-impact exercise like running or jumping is welcome and we’ve had women of all ages join fitandhappy L.I.F.E.

  • What should I expect during a fitandhappy boot camp?

    Each fitandhappy boot camp is different. You’ll never get bored. Our workouts typically involve a combination of bodyweight exercises, resistance training, cardio drills and a lot of chat and laughter! We focus on all aspects of fitness and make sure to train your strength, agility, flexibility, balance and cardio fitness. We have women of all fitness levels in our classes and always provide different options to suit all. We all work out together but each woman works at her own level. You will be pushed to be the best you can but never to the point where it stops being fun!

  • What is a typical fitandhappy L.I.F.E. class like?

    Our fitandhappy L.I.F.E. classes are group personal training sessions, so the exercises will be tailored to suit you and your body. We take a maximum of 8 people but usually only have 4-6. You will get a lot of personal attention and feedback from your coach. Each class is different but you will always work on your strength, cardio and balance. We bring equipment like resistance bands and small weights and promise you’ll never get bored! We always have a great chat, too.

  • Do I need to be in good shape to participate in a fitandhappy boot camp or L.I.F.E. class?

    Absolutely not! We have women of all shapes and fitness levels at our classes and we all work out together. You will work at your own level and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve! We provide options to suit the individual and can work around injuries and health conditions.

  • How often should I participate in a boot camp?

    This depends on how much other physical activity you do in your week but for best results we recommend a minimum of two classes per week.

  • Can I bring a male friend to classes?

    We’re afraid the answer is no. Our classes are women-only and provide not just female-specific coaching but also a safe space for women of all backgrounds to come together and work out.
    We do however coach couples (including men) as personal training clients. So if you want to get fit with your partner or spouse, please get in touch. It’s a great way to stay motivated and accountable.

  • Are your classes and sessions flexible?

    Yes! Our boot camp class passes allow you to attend any of our boot camps and boxing boot camps. This means you get to choose from over 20 classes per week!

    Our L.I.F.E. class passes also give you access to all our locations. The choice isn’t (yet!) as big as boot camp but it still gives you flexibility should you be unable to attend your normal class.

  • I’m still not sure...

    Most women who join us have never been to a boot camp before.
    fitandhappy is a very welcoming and supportive community of women who lift each other up.
    We welcome all ages and body shapes and are proud to have a huge variety of fitness levels in our classes.
    If you like the outdoors and having a bit of a laugh you’ll fit right in. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you’d like a chat before coming along.

  • What different class passes do you have?

    1. Boot Camp
      You can choose between a boot camp monthly membership or Pay-As-You-Go Class Passes. (1, 5, or 10-class class packs are available)
      Both options will give you access to all our boot camps and boxing boot camps
    2. fitandhappy L.I.F.E.
      You can choose between a fitandhappy L.I.F.E. monthly membership or Pay-As-You-Go Class Passes. (1, 5, or 10-class class packs are available)
      Both options will give you access to all our L.I.F.E. classes
    3. Coached Running Groups
      Our running groups usually ‘run’ in blocks of 5 or 6 weeks and we’re asking our runners to commit to the whole block.
    4. Self-Defence Workshops
      Our self-defence classes are one-day workshops and you can sign up for that one day only.

  • How do I book a class?

    Scroll down to our calendar at and click BOOK beside your chosen class date. If you are new to fitandhappy you will be asked to create an account and then choose a class pass before booking into your chosen class. 

    You can book on our website or the fitandhappy app (Download on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store)

  • What is the fitandhappy app?

    Download our app to manage your bookings and purchase class passes. You can do the same on our website but most people prefer the app. It’s easier and faster!
    Download on the Apple App Store
    Download on the Google Play Store

  • Can I cancel a class?

    Yes, we know life is busy so we have a very generous cancellation policy. As long as you cancel 1 hour before the start of the class your credit will be returned to your account.

  • How does the waitlist work?

    It’s rare that a class is fully booked. If it does happen, just pop your name on the waitlist in the fitandhappy app. We usually get a couple of cancellations so it’s unlikely you’ll miss out! You’ll be notified via email when a space becomes available.

  • How does a monthly membership work?

    Our monthly memberships are the best value for money. You can choose between 4, 8, or unlimited classes per week. Your membership will automatically renew every 4 weeks so it’s hassle free. You are allowed to carry unused sessions forward into the next billing cycle should you be unable to use up your pass. If you can’t commit to regular classes a 1, 5 or 10-class pack might work better for you.

  • What is included in your membership?

    A lot!

    Here are some of our benefits we offer with membership

    • Access to our outdoor classes in all our locations
    • 50% off our video on demand workout library including boot camp, low impact classes, yoga and stretch & mobilty
    • Discount codes to various local massage therapists
    • 15% off bamboo clothing from BAM
  • What is the duration of your classes?

    Both boot camps and fitandhappy L.I.F.E. classes are 45 minutes long.

  • What is health and fitness coaching?

    We call our personal trainingHealth and Fitness Coaching’ as it goes beyond exercise coaching. We take a holistic view of your well-being and can help you live a healthy, balanced and happy life. So before you get confused: ALL fitandhappy personal training is Health and Fitness Coaching unless you specifically request exercise coaching alone.
    Our coaching may involve mindset coaching, personalised exercise plans, nutrition coaching, stress management, providing support and accountability, and helping you overcome obstacles to make sustainable lifestyle changes. We’ll help you create healthy habits that last!

  • How is health and fitness coaching different from personal training?

    While personal training may focus primarily on exercise programming, our health and fitness coaching takes a more holistic approach, addressing all aspects of health and wellness including exercise, nutrition, stress management, sleep, and mindset.

  • Can I buy a package of PT sessions?

    We don’t offer packs of PT sessions as we find them difficult to manage for both our clients and our coaches. We offer monthly PT packages instead. You can sign up for a subscription and you won’t have to worry about remembering to make payments ever again.

  • Do you offer a trial PT session?

    We offer free PT consultations instead of trial sessions as we have found them far more useful for our clients. You can get to know your coach, ask any questions you like and make sure you’re a good fit before deciding to go ahead. Our coaches have a chance to really get to know you and your goals and they are therefore much better equipped to provide you with a plan that works!

  • How often should I meet with my personal trainer?

    The frequency of your personal training sessions will depend on your individual goals, schedule, and budget. Generally, it is recommended to meet with a personal trainer at least once or twice per week. We have found that our clients who commit to two or three sessions a week see better results. We, therefore, recommend starting with two per week - you can decrease or increase the number of sessions anytime.

  • What should I expect during a personal training session?

    We always start our sessions with a general check-in and a review of how your new healthy habits are going. We decide what to focus on in between sessions and make adjustments depending on your circumstances and goals. During a personal training session, you can expect to work with your trainer on a variety of exercises and movements tailored to your specific goals and needs. Your trainer will guide you through each exercise and provide feedback on your form and technique. They’ll also provide motivation and encouragement to help you push through challenging workouts and make sure you’ll feel energised and ready to take on the world at the end.

  • What if I’m not fit enough?

    Sounds like you’re the perfect fit for us! You do not have to be at a certain level of fitness to have a personal trainer. In fact, our coaches are trained to work with clients of all fitness levels and we love working with beginners. We will help you develop a safe and effective workout plan that takes into account your current fitness level, any injuries or limitations, and your individual goals. Whether you are just starting out on your fitness journey or looking to take your workouts to the next level, we can provide guidance, motivation, and support to help you achieve your goals.

  • What happens during the free consultation?

    We’ll ask you to fill out a questionnaire before you meet for your free consultation so we can have a better understanding of where you are at and what you’re trying to achieve. We’ll match you with one of our coaches who will really get to know you and answer any questions you may have. You may even walk out of the consultation with a plan of how to move forward and achieve your goals.

  • Where will my PT session take place?

    If you’re based in Edinburgh you can meet your trainer at home, in a local park, at work or online.
    If you live further afield, don’t worry we work online with clients worldwide.

  • Help! I can’t decide if I want to do PT or one of your group classes

    If you’re really unsure and haven’t exercised in a while we recommend you start with PT. Your trainer will be able to let you know when you’re ready for group classes and which class is most beneficial to you. Some of our clients end up doing both personal training and our group classes. It’s a great way to fit in an extra session or two whilst still getting the one-on-one support of your personal trainer.
    On the other hand, we may have a waitlist for PT so why not try a group fitness class first and see how you get on?

  • How long is your online coaching programme?

    3 months! Our online coaching programme is called Live Your Fit and Happy Life and is designed specifically for midlife women who want to rediscover their energy and zest for life. Join us for 3 months and say goodbye to the emotional roller coaster and hello to a fitter and happier you.

  • Is your online coaching programme the same for everyone?

    Absolutely not - our 3 month one-on-one programme is tailored specifically to YOU. If you've been on and off the health and fitness wagon for years and still haven't found what works for you long-term we'd LOVE to help you find your 'forever fit and happy life'!

  • Are there personal training sessions with this programme?

    No. This programme is where you (re-)start your health and fitness journey. At fitandhappy we want you to find the movement that feels and works best for YOU. To find that, we recommend our Live Your Fit And Happy Life Coaching Programme to really explore what being fit and happy means to you, to free yourself from the constraints that the rest of the fitness world has placed on us all, and find the way that is right for you. You will be exercising and exploring movement - just not with a trainer standing there telling you what to do.

    If you do feel that you're ready for and would benefit from more traditional personal trainingclick here to get in touch.

  • How is this programme different?

    This course is different because we aren’t here to give you a food diary or ask you to look at yourself in numbers (on the scale, calories etc). We know and understand that many women have had bad experiences with exercise/dieting/negative thoughts about themselves and exercise, and we are here to offer a much better alternative to all of that. We are here to help you do the necessary work to build a mindset and an approach to exercise that will guide you forever. It's empowering and it's freeing!

  • Is this programme suitable for me? 

    This programme could be a good fit if you are someone who is
    - Feeling fed up with diets and restrictions
    - Lacking confidence in yourself and your knowledge around exercise and wellbeing
    - Feeling like exercise is a chore and an internal battle and you are lacking motivation

What people say about us

Honestly, I love everything about boot camp. I would never have imagined that I would join a boot camp at all, never mind enjoying it. It has become a big and important part of my life; I can't imagine not being part of it now.

fitandhappy boot camper

I love it! It's completely tailored around me, my changing needs and levels of capacity. Encouraging me rather than pushing me, whilst supporting and understanding other challenges in my life affecting my abilities to make important changes for my health and well-being.

fitandhappy PT client