About fitandhappy


Hi! I'm Julia

A personal trainer, nutrition coach and believer in women.

I am here to help you get fit, strong, confident and ready to take on the world.

My team and I are ready to help you feel empowered and free. Take a moment and image what it would feel like

- to free yourself from dieting and limiting beliefs,
- to be free to love your body,
- to feel free to be who you want to be and create a life you love.

You can work with me 1:1 in Edinburgh or online, join one of the fitandhappy classes or sign up to my signature group coaching programme: 90 Day Health Accelerator.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m happy you are here and I’m excited for the journey ahead. ​

How can we help?

The fitandhappy approach to personal training combines exercise, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle advice to help women develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Find out more about our signature group coaching programme. Learn how to create healthy habits that stick and get the results you always wanted. Without ever dieting again!

We have something for everybody. Join our classic boot camp for women in Edinburgh oronline. Come along to fitandhappy L.I.F.E., our brand new low impact class or find out more about fitandhappy Mamas.

Meet The Team

fitandhappy Personal Trainers and Boot Camp Instructors

Julia McCabe fitandhappy personal trainer

Julia McCabe

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and fitandhappy Head Coach

Julia coaches 1:1 personal trainnig sessions in Edinburgh South and online.  She runs boot camps for women in the Meadows.



Julia is an ex-teacher and busy mother of three. She loves helping women to achieve things they never thought possible and become fitter, stronger and more confident in their bodies. She is passionate about delicious, nutritious food that is simple to make and will feed her family. Julia loves the outdoors and playing the piano.

+ Level 4 Advanced Personal Training

+ Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

+ Level 4 AfN certified Diploma in Nutrition

+ NLP practitioner

+ Postural Analysis and Movement Correction

+ Level 3 GP Exercise Referral

+ Outdoor Fitness Instructor

+ Advanced Stretching and Mobility

+ Natural Running Coach

Linda Hardie fitandhappy personal trainer and boot camp coach

Linda Hardie

Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal Specialist & fitandhappy Senior Coach

Linda works 1:1 with personal training clients and pre & post natal clients. She also coaches our boot camp for women online & in various parks in Edinburgh.



Linda is a passionate and enthusiastic personal trainer with a specialism in pre and postnatal exercise.

Linda loves supporting others to achieve their health and fitness goals and has a wonderful way to connect with people and help them be the best they can be.

Having been a competitive swimmer in her youth she now enjoys competing in triathlons when family life allows!

Linda is another one of our coaches you might spot on her bike cycling to personal training or boot camp....she is just much faster than the rest of us!

Maddy Furnival fitandhappy personal trainer and boot camp coach

Maddy Furnival

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Coaching fitandhappy boot camps in Victoria Park, Inverleith, & the Meadows Maddy also works 1:1 with personal training clients online or face to face in Edinburgh.



Maddy has an incredibly positive and 'go get it' attitude. She believes no matter what your fitness level or experience may be, your fitness journey can be tailored to work for you.

She has always been involved in sport including swimming, athletics, and more recently Olympic weightlifting.

At the weekend you can find her up a munro (or two), relaxing in a yoga class or cooking some delicious healthy food.

Maddy has conducted lots of her own research into women's body image and mental health and is passionate about helping women positively transform their mindsets and lifestyles.

Elaine Jervis Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher at fitandhappy

Elaine Jervis

Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Elaine teaches our online yoga class and the stretch and mobility class. To join her classes just book Boot Camp




Elaine is an Edinburgh based Yoga teacher on a mission to make yoga accessible for all; especially those who may never have tried yoga or thought that they couldn’t do it.

Elaine has practiced yoga though serious injury and pain; so she knows it can be done!

She is currently completing a Yoga For All Certification specifically looking at making yoga accessible for all bodies - all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and abilities. This is already deeply influencing Elaine's teaching.

Amanda Linekar - Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Amanda Linekar

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Born and raised in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada, being active and spending time outdoors was a given for Amanda.


Amanda's summer months were spent swimming, hiking or riding a bike. During the winter Amanda would be skiing, snowshoeing or attempting to snowboard. Amanda was and still is always on the go and happiest when moving. 
Amanda has a background in Martial Arts, practising and competing in Shotokan Karate from a young age. 
Her love of sports and fitness grew and she went on to complete a degree in Sports Psychology, followed by a Masters in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh.
Amanda has been lucky enough to work with athletes and beginners alike whilst travelling the globe.  
She still gets a kick out of seeing her clients' self-esteem and confidence blossom right before her eyes. 
She believes that we should train for longevity and a healthy lifestyle, and is a firm believer in “Just do you and don’t compare yourself to others.” Fitness should build you up and make you feel great, not break you down.
Josefina Rioseco personal trainer fitandhappy

Josefina Rioseco

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

You can join in with her energetic, fun boot camp sessions in Spylaw Park, Colinton or meet her in person or online on a 1:1 basis for Personal Training. 



Josefina is a strength and conditioning coach, physical educator, and nutritionist from Chile.
Passionate about sport, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle, Josefina believes that movement and food are the baselines to a happier life.
Josefina has a background in team sports including football, hockey, and basketball. These days you are more likely to see her weightlifting and running.
Josefina is also a lover of yoga and she is looking forward to becoming a yoga teacher. As a teacher, she believes that quality is better than quantity, and that exercise should be fun and motivating no matter what the end goal is. She believes that if training is ended with a smile on your face, then the task is accomplished!
Josefina believes that sports and exercise are an important tool to guide female empowerment, thus she will make sure that along with feeling content, she will make you feel stronger and confident!

Helen McMahon fitandhappy personal trainer and boot camp coach

Helen McMahon

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Helen coaches some of our women-only boot camps in Blackhall as well as online.



Helen has a huge love to all sports and fitness activities and it's fair to say that she has quite a few strings to her bow... she is not just a personal trainer and boot camp coach, she has also worked as a mixed martial arts instructor, tennis coach and exercise to music leader.

Helen loves helping others to reach their potential and enjoy the many benefits associated with exercise.

In between boot camps you'll catch her on the tennis court or training for marathons.

Emma Fulton boot camp coach fitandhappy

Emma Fulton

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Join Emma for some fun boot camps online and in the Meadows.



Emma is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Coach and has been with us for 3 years. She is passionate about fitness and well-being and moved to Edinburgh to study PE at Edinburgh University.

Emma hopes to continue to teach fitness classes long into her career as a PE teacher and keep motivating all to lead a happier and healthier life.

Emma is a keen runner and loves to share some of her training secrets with her boot campers.

Iona Steadman

Iona Steadman

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Iona coaches 1:1 personal training sessions and boot camps in the Meadows, Colinton, and Inverleith.
Jill Muirden

Jill Muirden

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Jill coaches 1:1 personal training and runs boot camp sessions in the Meadows, Blackhall, Colinton and Victoria Park