About fitandhappy


Hi, I'm Julia

A personal trainer, nutrition coach and certified body confidence & wellbeing coach.

I am here to help you get fit, strong and confident so you can get more out of life.

Take a moment and imagine what it would feel like

- to feel confident in your own skin

- to have enough energy to do the things you love

- to be relaxed and in control around food

- to feel free to be yourself and create a healthy life you love. Without the drama.

You can work with me 1:1 in Edinburgh or online, join one of the fitandhappy classes or sign up to my signature group coaching programme, the 90 Day Health Accelerator.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m happy you are here and I’m excited for the journey ahead. ​

How can we help?

The fitandhappy approach to personal training combines exercise, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle advice to help women develop healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Find out more about our signature group coaching programme. Learn how to create healthy habits that stick and get the results you always wanted. Without ever dieting again!

We have something for everybody. Join our classic boot camp for women in Edinburgh oronline. Come along to fitandhappy L.I.F.E., our brand new low impact class or find out more about fitandhappy Mamas.

Meet The Team

fitandhappy Personal Trainers and Boot Camp Instructors

Julia McCabe fitandhappy personal trainer

Julia McCabe

Personal Trainer, Menopause Transition Coach, Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coach and fitandhappy Head Coach

Julia coaches 1:1 personal training sessions in Edinburgh South and online. She runs boot camps for women in the Meadows.

Julia is an ex-teacher and busy mother of three. She loves helping women to achieve things they never thought possible and become fitter, stronger and more confident in their bodies. Julia has a particular interest in helping women transition from perimenopause to menopause and beyond. She is passionate about delicious, nutritious food that is simple to make and will feed her family. Julia loves the outdoors and playing the piano.

+ Level 4 Advanced Personal Training

+ Certified Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coach

+ Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor

+ Level 4 AfN certified Diploma in Nutrition

+ NLP practitioner

+ Postural Analysis and Movement Correction

+ Level 3 GP Exercise Referral

+ Advanced Stretching and Mobility

Close-up image of Jemma Valentine - a personal trainer at fitandhappy.

Jemma Valentine

Personal Trainer, Pre and Postnatal Specialist and fitandhappy Senior Coach

Jemma is available for 1:1 PT and coaches boot camp in various parks as well as online.

Jemma has a passion for the outdoors and brunch. She is keen to show you how little habits can make big changes to last you a lifetime. The outdoors provides so much more than a place to exercise, it changes your mind, your mood, and your attitude.

Jemma discovered the importance of fitness back in 2012 when she worked in the Alps, went skiing most days but found recovery incredibly difficult due to an overindulgent lifestyle! She enjoys all kinds of movement and is on a mission to bag all 282 of the Munros in Scotland.

When not coaching for fitandhappy you can find her running, cycling, or on a Pilates reformer.

She is ready to support you and drive you forward so you can achieve your goals and she doesn't want you to wait until Monday. Today is your day.

Laura Jones

Laura Jones

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Senior Coach

Laura is available for 1:1 personal training and she coaches boot camp in Portobello, the Meadows and Colinton.

Laura is an ex-probation officer, who changed careers to become a personal trainer and wellbeing coach. She created more balance in her own life and loves to support others to make positive changes in their lives that they never thought would be possible.

Laura has just returned from 5 years in New Zealand working as a Personal Trainer in Wellington. When Laura isn’t at work she will be found out on the mountain biking trails having a blast, or in the gym lifting weights.

Kat Scott

Kat Scott

fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Kat coaches boot camp sessions in the Meadows and Victoria Park.


Kat is from Lanark, graduated with a Honours in Business Management from Edinburgh Uni in 2019 and has recently returned back to Edinburgh after 2.5 years of living in Sydney.

Kat played badminton and rugby throughout school and university, then found her passion for weight training in Sydney.

Australia opened Kat’s eyes to the great outdoors and differing training styles, leading to the completion of her PT course in 2021.

Kat loves all things health and wellness from adventure weekends, ocean dips, brunching, to practicing mindfulness, journaling and weight training.

You'll find Kat coaching at The Meadows Inverleith Park and Victoria Park. She's also available for personal training.

Fit and Happy photo

Alex Robb

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Alex is available for 1:1 personal training and she coaches boot camp in ,  Blackhall, Inverleith Park and the Meadows.

Alex qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2015 after completing the level 3 qualification at the European Institute of Fitness (EIF).
Her journey into the fitness world started after being diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Having received treatment for an over active thyroid and being put on life long medication Alex saw a decline in her physical and mental health, and wanted to feel better both on the inside and outside. Seeing what a massive impact exercise and a healthy balanced diet had on her confidence and health, she knew this was the right career path - Alex wanted to help other people grow in confidence and improve their overall health and lifestyle!
Alex's favourite style of training is a mix of weight training and hiit training, she loves what weight training can do for your body and how strong it makes you feel! She also has many clients that love boxing!
Some fun facts about Alex…
She hasn’t always lived in the UK, and spent 6 years living abroad during her childhood in the Middle East and China and can still speak a bit of Mandarin!
She loves food and cooking! Alex feels passionate about it and loves recreating her favourite dishes, making them more nutritionally dense so she can still enjoy all the food she loves!
On the weekend you’ll find Alex walking her dogs, eating good food and spending time with friends and family!
Krista Bridges

Krista Bridges

fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

You'll find Krista coaching boot camp sessions at Inverleith Park and the Meadows.

Krista is originally from Connecticut, USA.  She is a Premier Global-NASM personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition coach and pre and postnatal specialist. You can find Krista at fitandhappy's Inverleith Park and Meadows Boot Camp sessions.

Krista left her previous career in marketing to move to London for her Personal Training diploma in 2016.  Leaving agency-land allowed her to start fresh and focus on business pipe-dreams in pursuit of new adventures, passion projects, help others discover their true potential and have fun!

Outside of class, Krista plays competitive dodgeball for the Edinburgh Fireworks and the international team, the Scotland Highlanders.  She is easily distracted by puppies (especially german shepherds, huskies, labs... anything big enough to rugby tackle).  Breakfast is her favorite meal of the day - but Brunch comes in at a very close second.

Kay McAllister

Kay McAllister

fitandhappy Boot Camp Coach

Kay coaches some of our boot camps in   Blackhall and Victoria Park.

Kay is passionate about movement and exercise that makes you feel alive and connected to yourself. From an early age, Kay was involved with dance, hockey and running, showing her that exercise can take many forms and the positive impact it can have on your wellbeing and mental health. 

Becoming qualified as a Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer in 2019 was a natural next step as Kay wanted to help others find ways of exercising that best suits them. Kay has always been an advocate for women taking on exercise, helping boost their confidence and empowering them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. In her opinion, fitness is for all and doesn’t have one look (except maybe sweaty!).

Kay is also a professionally trained actor and is an acting tutor for young people. When not teaching or at fitandhappy bootcamps she enjoys exploring the outdoors, practicing yoga and meditation, and having a good old laugh and a giggle. 

Amanda G

Amanda Gow

Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Boot Camp cover Coach

Amanda is available for 1:1 personal training and she helps cover boot camps in various parks.

Amanda is an experienced fitness professional and is passionate about helping people integrate exercise and nutrition changes into their lifestyle for the long-term benefits.

She has a particular interest in helping people overcome the barriers to exercising, whether that be time, weight, confidence, hormonal changes or illness.

Amanda has a wealth of experience in helping people get started on their fitness journey, or returning to fitness after injury or illness, or having to adapt exercise due to long term health conditions.

Amanda has been involved in sport all of her life, and loves to get outdoors to reap the benefits both physically and mentally. She's a keen runner and all things outdoor, but you can also find Amanda in the gym or on a yoga mat. Amanda has also recently taken up orienteering, although she says that is definitely a work in progress!

coach edinburgh

Amanda Linekar

fitandhappy Boot Camp cover Coach

Amanda runs our Self Defence workshops and helps cover boot camps in various parks.

Amanda's summer months were spent swimming, hiking or riding a bike. During the winter Amanda would be skiing, snowshoeing or attempting to snowboard. Amanda was and still is always on the go and happiest when moving.

Amanda has a background in Martial Arts, practising and competing in Shotokan Karate from a young age.

Her love of sports and fitness grew and she went on to complete a degree in Sports Psychology, followed by a Masters in Strength and Conditioning from the University of Edinburgh.

Amanda has been lucky enough to work with athletes and beginners alike whilst travelling the globe.
She still gets a kick out of seeing her clients' self-esteem and confidence blossom right before her eyes.

She believes that we should train for longevity and a healthy lifestyle, and is a firm believer in “Just do you and don’t compare yourself to others.” Fitness should build you up and make you feel great, not break you down.

Helen McMahon fitandhappy personal trainer and boot camp coach

Helen McMahon

fitandhappy Boot Camp cover Coach

Helen covers boot camp sessions at all of our locations.

Helen has a huge love to all sports and fitness activities and it's fair to say that she has quite a few strings to her bow... she is not just a personal trainer and boot camp coach, she has also worked as a mixed martial arts instructor, tennis coach and exercise to music leader.

Helen loves helping others to reach their potential and enjoy the many benefits associated with exercise.

In between boot camps you'll catch her on the tennis court or training for marathons.

fitandhappy yoga teacher Sarah

Sarah McLean

fitandhappy Yoga Instructor

Sarah is a yoga and pilates instructor and runs our Yoga classes for NHS staff.

Sarah started her yoga journey many years ago, practising a variety of different styles of yoga, and discovering the power of Pilates along the way too!
She is a certified instructor in both Yoga and Pilates, and in pre/postnatal exercise.
As well as teaching, Sarah works part-time in TV advertising. Having found a healthy balance in her own life, she loves to help others explore the life-changing benefits that a regular yoga and Pilates practice can bring - wherever they are on their own journey.
When Sarah isn’t on her yoga mat you'll find her on the Pentlands walking the dog, going for a run or racing around the mountain bike trails.