Private Boot Camp in Edinburgh

Do you want to work out with your friends, colleagues or sports buddies in the parks of Edinburgh?

Our Private Boot Camp sessions are designed around you. With individualised sessions designed to work with all fitness levels.

Our sessions are supportive, fun, help with team building and are great for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Get in touch to find out more or organise your very own fitandhappy Boot Camp!

Private Group Outdoor Boot Camp in Edinburgh

Some of the benefits from Private Classes:

  • Location and timing can be tailored to your needs
  • Great way to bring people together
  • Positive mental health benefits
  • Brings groups closer together through shared endeavour
  • Wherever you are on your fitness journey, you will get fitter.
  • Exercising in nature gives you an extra buzz
  • We can cater for a very mixed group of fitness levels - everybody is welcome!

Work Group

A team leader got in touch with us about organising a session for work colleagues. The team spent a lot of time apart and this was a great chance to bring people together. They loved the fact that it catered for all fitness levels and nobody felt left out. They found that the team bonded over exercise.

Mixed group at private book camp in Edinburgh
Ladies at private boot camp in Edinburgh


A group of PhD students wanted something different to do that would help break down barriers.  They got funding from the university and booked in for a term of classes. The classes were tailored to the group and individual.

Sports Group

A netball team arranged a private class to inspire each other and build a team spirit. They loved training in the open air rather than the gym.

netball team taking part in private outdoor boot camp in Edinburgh
Sports Group taking part in fitandhappy private boot camp

Social Group

A bunch of pals got together to work out. They had known each other for many years and found this a great way to get fit and socialise too (they bring their own Prosecco). 

Do you have a group that you would like to get together?

All the sessions are tailored so you don’t have to be very fit to start. All that’s needed is to show up. Our expert coaches will take it from there. Private classes can include both men and women.


Can men and women take part in private groups?


Where do you do them?

We'll try to be as accommodating as possible. We can advise locations or you can suggest one.

Do you do it in the dark as well?

Yes, we have lights.

Do you do it in all weathers?

Yes, it's not that bad.

How much does it cost?

This depends on the number of participants. We'll advise when you let us know more details.

Are there any limitations on numbers?

We don't go above 20 with one coach

Contact Us

Would you like to find out more? Drop our head coach and founder Julia McCabe a message below.