Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching for Busy Women

​Get the results you always wanted

Personal Training for Women in Edinburgh

COVID-19 UPDATE: Non-contact outdoor exercise is allowed in level 4 so we are able to continue with outdoor PT.

We have started seeing our personal training clients face to face again.

We adhere to all government guidelines. Social distancing and additional hygiene measures are in place.
All equipment is cleaned before and after each session.

Train in a local park, at home or in your garden.
​We'll keep you going through this difficult time. Get in touch to find out more.

We believe that a fitter and healthier you is a happier you.

Our female personal trainers love to help women like you get the results you've always wanted. Without dieting or counting calories.

​Become the fittest, strongest and most confident you. It's fun and it's exciting!

Train at home, outdoors, at work or even online. We will come to you.

Contact us now to find out more or book your ​free 1-hour personal training consultation.

All we need from you is real commitment and honesty.  Be prepared to put in a little bit of effort to begin with before your new healthy habits start taking over.  It's easy from then onwards.

personal trainer for weight loss edinburgh

By choosing fitandhappy you will work with Edinburgh weight-loss expert Julia McCabe and her team. Julia's approach intelligently combines personal training and nutrition coaching to help you adopt a lifestyle where exercising and healthy eating become a habit. 

Your programme will be designed exclusively for you and your coach will really get to know you. ​If desired you will be given a monthly home workout programme and your personal trainer will stay in touch to keep you motivated in between sessions.

Choose your preferred workout space. Home, garden, office or a public park work equally well. The choice is yours.

You will also receive personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching. We will keep track of your new healthy habits and you can see your progress in your monthly fitandhappy report.

​Train once, twice or up to five times per week.

The cost is £49-£69 per 60 minute 1:1 session, including remote support between sessions. It's £38 per person for 2:1 sessions.

1:1 personal training edinburgh

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Meet Your Personal Trainers

All our coaches specialise in healthy and sustainable weight loss for women and use the fitandhappy approach to Personal Training which combines both nutrition coaching and exercise.

Prices vary depending on the coach and are £49, £59 or £69 per 60-minute session. Included are nutrition and exercise coaching, in-between session support, daily habit tracking (if desired) and monthly reports.

Julia McCabe fitandhappy personal trainer

Julia McCabe, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, fitandhappy Head Coach

Julia is the founder and head coach of fitandhappy. She is an experienced personal trainer and weight loss coach recommended by women throughout Edinburgh.  Julia is motivated by helping women to free themselves from the endless cycle of dieting and live their lives to the full with confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Find out more about Julia

Linda Hardie fitandhappy personal trainer and boot camp coach

Linda Hardie , Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Specialist, fitandhappy Senior Coach

Linda is an experienced and passionate personal trainer who works with both weight loss clients and pre and post natal clients. Linda loves supporting women to help them achieve their health and fitness goals and as a parent herself knows how challenging it can be to balance a healthy lifestyle with family and work commitments.

Linda is a keen triathlete and you can often spot her on her bike.

Find out more about Linda

Iona Steadman - fitandhappy boot camp instucctor and personal trainer in Edinburgh

Iona Steadman, Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Coach

Iona has been involved in sport and fitness from a very young age. This led her into her journey to become a PT.

She has a background in Swimming and participates in CrossFit and hopes to start competing soon. She enjoys pushing herself to be the best she can be. She enjoys being outside either walking, hiking or exercising.

She qualified as a PT in order to help women feel strong both physically and mentally. For her mental well-being is just as important as anything physical.

It is her mission to equip women with the confidence and knowledge to achieve goals and have fun!’

Find out more about Iona

Maddy Furnival fitandhappy personal trainer and boot camp coach

Maddy Furnival, Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Coach

​Maddy has an incredible positive and 'go get it' attitude. She believes no matter what your fitness level or experience may be, your fitness journey can be tailored to work for you.

Always positive and in a good mood Maddy will help you stay motivated and on track.

​Find out more about Maddy

Jill Muirden

Jill Muirden, Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Coach

Jill has always been passionate about fitness and has been fortunate enough to experience a wide range of sports throughout her life. Jill is always on the go and over the years, has challenged both her body and mind through training for, and completing a number of swimming, running, cycling, and triathlon endurance events. Jill has recently taken up weightlifting and is currently working hard to master the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. She is a big advocate for getting stuck into trying new things and practices what she preaches when she says ‘it’s never too late’.

​Find out more about Jill

Jemma - personal trainer, fitness coach and mamas coach at fitandhappy

Jemma Valentine, Personal Trainer and fitandhappy Coach

Jemma has a passion for the outdoors and brunch. She is keen to show you how little habits can make big changes to last you a lifetime. The outdoors provides so much more than a place to exercise, it changes your mind, your mood and your attitude.

Jemma discovered the importance of fitness back in 2012 when she worked in the Alps, went skiing most days but found recovery incredibly difficult due to an overindulgent lifestyle! She enjoys all kinds of movement and is on a mission to bag all 282 of the Munros in Scotland.

When not coaching for fitandhappy you can find her running, cycling or on a Pilates reformer.

She is ready to support you and drive you forward so you can achieve your goals and she doesn't want you to wait until Monday. Today is your day.

​Find out more about Jemma

Don't want to go it alone? Buddy up for Group Personal Training


2:1 Personal Training

Train with a buddy. This option makes it more affordable and can be a good choice for those who like to work with a partner.

​The programme is slightly less individualised but works well as you have to be accountable to your buddy.

If desired you will be given a monthly home workout programme that you can do by yourself or with your friend/partner/husband.

Choose your preferred workout space. Often the outdoors work best for this as we are not restricted by space.

Train once, twice or up to five times per week​

60 min session: £38 per person
2:1 personal training edinburgh

Small Group Training

Less personalisation but more affordable and best suited to those who like to work in a team.

​Skip the cappuccino and muffin and meet in the park for a workout instead. It's great fun working out with your friends and it ensures you are being surrounded by supportive and likeminded people. People who try to lose weight in a group often see the best results.

If desired you will be given a monthly home workout programme that you can do by yourself or with your friends. ​

Train once, twice or up to five times per week

vary depending on group size