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The last day of February in Edinburgh. This is where my clients got to exercise. Would you rather be indoors?

Outdoor exercise Edinburgh Personal Training

Holyrood Park in Edinburgh is one of the many beautiful spots my Personal Training clients get to exercise. Sunshine, fresh air and all of that in the middle of winter in Scotland. Exercising outdoors is so good for you and Holyrood Park offers many possibilities. You can just use the lawn at the bottom of the park and enjoy the view or run/walk up, round or right through the middle. I like to use various benches, bicycle racks and tree stumps to add some fun challenges to my runs and mix things up a bit. Think press-ups, dips. box jumps, Bulgarian split squats etc. 
It’s sunny again today. Go out and enjoy your workout in nature. 

outdoor personal training edinburgh
outdoor personal training edinburgh

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