Healthy Habits Online Course and Group Coaching

​You can create a life you truly love and this 6-week programme will help you do it

Julia McCabe Healthy Habits coach

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Get the results you always wanted

Have you been relying on willpower and motivation to make changes in your life?
(Trying to eat more vegetables, establishing a running routine, drinking more water, waking up early, meal planning, meditating or anything else really!)

​Does your new health routine never last longer than a few days or weeks at most?

​Are you always either on the wagon or off?

It's not your fault. I promise. It's a simple design flaw.

Behaviour change is easier than you think and achievable for anybody. With the right plan.

During your 6-week journey you'll

  • learn a  step by step process to creating habits that last
  • find out how to  align your goals with YOUR life and set yourself up for success
  • learn how to never rely on willpower again
  • understand how to get rid of bad habits
  • walk away with 2-4 new habits already implemented
  • have a masterplan that you can use over and over again to create a life you love

What's included?

Over 6 weeks you'll learn how to create habits that last. You'll not only have a new invaluable skill set but you'll also have implemented some new healthy behaviours. Double bubble!

live coaching

Live Coaching

6 online group coaching sessions with Julia.
​ Each session lasts 60 min.
Ask anything you like, stay accountable and share your success.



Short and to the point video lessons.
​Julia will talk you through the science of habit formation. You'll learn everything you need to know to create habits that stick.

fun worksheet

Fun Worksheets

Your downloadable worksheets will help you get the most out of this course. They are quick and fun to complete. You'll learn what truly motivates you and how to turn that into your habit building super power.


Email Support

​Julia will be in touch via email to check in, answer questions and help you stay on track.


Gin Lalli

I learned a lot from Healthy Habits Made Easy.
I can see how I'm layering up on the habits now and I'm getting a natural reward from a sense of achievement.
I'm doing 15 minutes exercise every day, eating more fruit and keeping the desk tidy.
​ I can see when I fail when the prompt goes for some reason, and I don't beat myself up for it though.

Unsure if HHME is for you? Gin says:
Nike says it best - Just Do It! You're not only learning about a particular habit you want to change now, you are learning tools for life.

Gin Lalli
Psychotherapist / Edinburgh

Emma Scafe

​I have really enjoyed it!
​I have learned so much and feel excited to continue with my mini healthy habits, see them grow and introduce new ones in the future.

Unsure if HHME is for you? Emma says:
Do it - anything is possible! You might not think that it will work for you, but it can help all of us.
Julia is great at supporting you through the programme and it is manageable even with a busy schedule.
​Make some time for you - I'm really pleased I did!

Emma Scafe
Primary School Teacher / East Lothian

Louise Exton

I really enjoyed the experience.
​I am more active, healthier in mind and body and more focused on real motivations.

Unsure if HHME is for you? Louise says:
It will very quickly change your life for the better

Louise Exton

Gillian Ramdayal

I now believe I'm someone who can make positive, lasting changes.
​I can see a path to achieving my long term goals.
I've realised how a seemingly very small action can have a big impact and can be a stepping stone towards really big changes.

Unsure if HHME is for you? Gillian says:
Go for it! You really can make lasting changes in just a few weeks.

Gillian Ramdayal
Stay At Home Mum / Edinburgh

Catriona Burns

I found the group and the way Julia facilitated it really supportive.
​I am drinking tons more water and am not using my phone after bedtime.
​I am more confident in my ability to make the changes I want.

Unsure if HHME is for you? Catriona says:
Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will learn a superpower!!

Catriona Burns

Sue Torkington

I liked Julia's style. She created an environment which was supportive and non judgmental, where all participants had time to talk about their progress each session, and everyone felt entirely comfortable sharing experiences and ideas.

Unsure if HHME is for you? Sue says:
I would encourage anyone struggling with making new healthy habits to give this a try.
The habit making process Julia teaches is a life skill everyone should have!

Sue Torkington
Photographer / Edinburgh

Julia McCabe

Meet your coach

Julia McCabe

Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, NLP practitioner

Hi, I'm Julia. I love helping women to free themselves from limiting beliefs and the endless cycle of dieting.

I help women of all ages, shapes and sizes to change their health habits around. Empowering women to feel strong and free is what drives my daily work.

Just imagine for a moment what it would feel like to feel good about yourself. To not worry about overeating and to enjoy exercise. Imagine not having to worry about your health behaviours. Because you are running your healthy habits on autopilot.

The good news is, creating healthy habits is a fun and self-compassionate process. You can stop blaming yourself and start living a life you love.

And even better, creating healthy habits is a skill like any other and anybody can learn it. And I happen to love teaching that skill to women like you.

Come join me and learn what I have found to be one of the most valuable skills in my own life.


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The 6-week group coaching programme to learn the skill of behaviour change and get the results you always wanted


What if I can't attend one of the live coaching sessions? 
Timings will be agreed with participants in advance but should life get in the way, you can always watch the recording of the session afterwards.

What if I can't attend one of the live coaching sessions? 
Timings will be agreed with participants in advance but should life get in the way, you can always watch the recording of the session afterwards.

Will we tackle getting rid of bad habits, too?
Yes, we will! You will learn the skill of creatig healthy habits first. Once you know how to do this getting rid of bad habits seems much less daunting. We will be looking at retting rid of unwanted behaviours in the second half of the course.

How much time will I need to invest? 
This depends how deep you want to dig but generally you will be done in 10-20 min per day. Plus the 6 live coaching sessions of course.

Who is Julia?
Julia is a personal trainer and  nutrition coach. She loves helping women to free themselves from limiting beliefs and the endless cycle of dieting. Empowering women to feel strong and free is what drives her daily work.
Julia has always been fascinated by behaviour change and why sometimes habits seem to stick and other times behaviour change seems almost impossible. She started researching habit creation and behaviour change and found her true passion (some people say obsession!). Through the work with her clients but also plenty of self-experiments, Julia took the research into the real world discovered what works for busy women like you.

More questions? I'll get back to you as soon as I can.