Developing Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

healthy habits for weight loss

Becoming a fitter and happier person is all about developing healthy habits. If we can eat well and exercise habitually, we are on route to a permanent healthy lifestyle. Good bye Yo-Yo dieting.

A behaviour turns into a habit when we do it automatically without having to think about it. Many books have been written about habit development and I highly recommend reading Charles Duhigg’s The power of habits. It’s a great read. For now have a look at our Healthy Habit Menu for inspiration and follow our rules below to make your new habit a success:

healthy habits menu


1. Choose a habit that is really easy to do. you must be 80-90% confident that you can stick with it. 

2. Work on one habit at a time. Research shows that overloading ourselves with change is less likely to be sucessful.

3. Keep track of your new habit and be accountable. There are many habit building apps that can help you with this (Habit List, Habit Bull, etc).You can also just use use good old pen and paper and a friend as a habit buddy.

4. Set a reminder or cue to get you started with your habit. Habits follow a cue or trigger. This can be simple thing like brushing your teeth, having a cup of coffee or an actual reminder on your phone. An example for this is: After I brush my teeth I meditate for 2 minutes.

5. Reward yourself. Our brain likes doing things we feel good about so reward yourself after completing a new habit. This can just be the endorphins you feel after exercising or you tell yourself ‘Well done. You progressed.” Just try not to make your reward food based, e.g. a piece of cake !

Choose a new habit from our Healthy Habit Menu and get started today!

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